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Wonderful Korora House by Daniel Marshall Architects

Wonderful Korora House  - living room idea

The wonderful view can make the house more pleasant to live like this one. This house is located in the hilly place with good looking view. The concept of this house is based on amazing scenery. the approach was to work within the contour of the ridge, as an attempt to minimise the impact on the landscape. This house is in the top of the hill with wide yard. This house long path to the main street and the view is sea and sun rise. The plan form of the house is spaced between two courtyards, which are bridged by a gabled roof stretched across the long axis. This house has open room to enjoy the view and fresh air. This house is suitable for enjoying the free time. The house is completed with glass windows to see the view outside. The night wind will not enter the house and rooms since the ventilation is very well. The use of cedar and plywood reflect precarious weekenders of the island’s past. The materials are chosen from the best quality and brand.

Wonderful Korora House  - front face Wonderful Korora House  - interior design Wonderful Korora House  - smok design Wonderful Korora House  - swimming pool design
Designer: Daniel Marshall Architects, Location: New Zealand., Information: Source
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