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Wonderful Design of The Hurtado Residence by Mark Tracy

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It will be very wonderful and prestigious when seeing this house. This house has amazing appearance with the combination of modern and artistic. With completed with beautiful front yard, this house looks so natural also. The intent of this design was to create a modern, art-gallery-style space to entertain hip, young guests and partygoers. This house is divided into two floors. The first floor is for living room, kitchen and bathroom. The bed rooms are in the second floor. All the rooms have wide space and cute windows that are made from glass. A 14-foot wide fireplace is the primary feature of the kitchen and living space, accompanied by Scavolini cabinets and metallic silver hardwood floors. In the night, this house looks so beautiful and bright since it is surrounded by bright lamps inside and outside the house. Blue LED lighting glows around the second tier ceiling which extends from the kitchen and down the media wall and fireplace; it also accents the ceiling of the master bath. The colorful lights can indicate that this house is modern and prestigious.

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Designer: Mark Tracy, Location: Las Vegas, Information: Source
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