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Wonderful Design of Pythagoras Museum and Gardens by OBR

Pythagoras Museum in Crotone - front view

Inspired from the Pythagoras, this building is designed in the garden. The design of this building is the combination between museum and garden. The garden of this place is very natural so that it gives additional values for the museum. The central theme is the creation of a science park on an area of 18 hectares dedicated to the great Greek mathematician Pythagoras who founded the Pythagoric School in the Kroton of the VI century B.C. the road to reach the museum is also still natural without any asphalt. Although this museum in the garden, the lamps of the building are very bright in the night and in the dark day. The garden is full of natural grass and trees. The tress and the grass make the atmosphere around the museum so fresh and natural. Of course, the air in this area is free from pollution. The museum is very big and wide, there are many things that are displayed and showed for the visitors. It will be very fantastic to visit this museum.

Pythagoras Museum in Crotone - home design Pythagoras Museum in Crotone - indoor Pythagoras Museum in Crotone - side view
Designer: OBR, Location: Italy, Information: Source
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