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Unique Design Sprout by Sharina Bi

Unique Design Sprout - interesting

Creating with the artistic and cultural design this table is really wonderful. This table is suitable for the room that has artistic concept. This table is ideal for some activities like studying or having a tea. Sprout brings an answer to the needs of many avid readers as it introduces a petal-shaped bookmark that cheekily sprouts out of an ordinary table corner. Since this table is not too big and large, it is suitable for narrow room in the house. This table is made of wood and the wood is chosen based on the best quality. This table has four strong legs. the legs can hold many heavy things on it. This table is easy to lift since it is very light. The color of this table is pure from its materials. This table has no drawer. This table is suitable with no chair or small chairs. Four people are the ideal for using this table in one time. Just complete the room with putting this table.

Unique Design Sprout - simple dhape Unique Design Sprout - to replace book
Designer: Sharina Bi, Location: Singapore, Information: Source
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