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Unique Blend by Mieke Meijer

Unique Blend by Mieke Meijer - side view

The people will be confused when seeing this furniture. They will think it is chair or bed or even table. It is the cobination of table, bed and chair. It can be said that this furniture is complete and perfect. It can be used for any purpose. The chair refers to the 17th century, when people slept semi-sitting up because laying down was associated with death. The chairs now function as night tables. The owners can sleep on this furniture, they can have a tea and they can sit having a meal. This furniture can make the owners comfortable and satisfied. This furniture is made of chosen wood and it is completed with soft material to be sat. This furniture can be put in the living room or bad room as you wish. This furniture designed with the concept of three in one. This furniture can be used for sleeping for two persons or one couple. This furniture has comfortable effect to sleep or take a nap. It will very proud and enjoyable to have this furniture in your house.

Unique Blend by Mieke Meijer - full bed view Unique Blend by Mieke Meijer - interesting
Designer: Mieke Meijer, Location: Dutch, Information: Source
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