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Two Tables Design for the 150th anniversary of Italy

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These tables are designed based on the concept of cultural and artistic with the classic appearance. They are suitable fro the building which has cultural and classic design. They can make the classic building more real and alive. The two tables represent two distinctive and important features of the creation of the Italian identity. All the Italian values are always amazing in the world like the concept of these tables. They are inspired by the myths of two organizations that together shaped the history of the unification of Italy. They look like old tables and look like inheritance tables with the natural color view. They are also suitable for play and make the play more real. The carbon fiber composes and traces the design, the movement into its unique strength. These tables are made from high materials quality. Table is influenced by the illegal congregation of the Carbonari and tells the Italian story of secrecy and conspiracy. When these tables are put in the living room, they can make the room artistic and classic.

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