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The Wedge Copenhagen Building

The Wedge Copenhagen Building - image 1

This building has natural materials that are designed into good construction. This building has good location. It is in the center of the city. The project consists of both an urban plan for the Business School campus located on an abandoned rail yard and a new faculty building. This building is very wide and high that consists some storey. Each the storey is connected one another with good lift and steps. The building consists of a four storey prismatic volume resting on a sculpted earth base integrated into the surrounding landscape. This building has good view and environment that are full of grass and trees. In contrast to the prismatic exterior, an irregular oval shaped atrium extends the full height of the interior, accessing all of the building’s functions and providing the spatial focus of the project. The interiors are designed so artistic and luxurious with good lights. This building is completed with good windows and wall that are correlated to the art concept. Full storey screens of wood, matte glass and copper characterize the facades. The screens rotate in response to sun, weather, and user, giving a constantly varying facade expression. It also lets the fresh air enter the room that make the rooms are so healthy.

The Wedge Copenhagen Building - image 2 The Wedge Copenhagen Building - image 3
Designer: Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter, Location: Denmark, Information: Source
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