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The Disque Pendant Lamp Design by Marc van der Voorn

Wonderfull The Disque Pendant Lamp Design

Complete the living room with this lamp and make it so wonderful. This lamp can be used in the living room and it will light so bright but does not disturb the eyes. The appearance of this lamp looks like UVO that can indicate that it is very modern and high tech. Two translucent bowl-shaped discs are tied together with nothing more than a 65 meter long thin string. The color of white makes it possible to bright the whole wide room. The construction is screw less! The string is beautifully wrapped around both discs, giving the Disque its modest look. This lamp has high tech system that make it be able to save the electricity energy and can minimize the electricity consumption. This lamp is special for hanging on the ceiling with strong wire. The big size of this lamp does not indicate this lamp is lavish, it is just to make the appearance more beautiful and wonderful. With having this lamp in the house, it will give many advantages and make you proud.

The Disque Pendant Lamp - circle design The Disque Pendant Lamp - nice design The Disque Pendant Lamp - up design
Designer: Marc van der Voorn, Location: Dutch, Information: Source
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