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Sunset Chapel Design

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This chapel has religious design and artistic view in its building. This chapel has religious and comfortable atmosphere for praying. Two elements obstructed the principal views: large trees and abundant vegetation, and a behemoth of a boulder blocking the main sight of the sunset. This building is also very natural since most of the materials are from wood. It can be said that this building is very friendly to the nature. In order to clear these obstructions (blowing up the gigantic rock was absolutely out of the question for ethical, spiritual, environmental and, yes, economical reasons) the level of the chapel had to be raised at least five meters. It looks like a tower in the jungle. The color of this building is also natural, purely from the nature color. This building has good air circulation and let the fresh air pass the windows. In the night, the lights are very bright and exotic. This building can adapt to the natural and environment.

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Designer: BNKR Arquitectura, Location: Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico,
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