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Richard Stockton College New Jersey Model

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This building is very glorious with complete facilities and wide space in every room and hall. The design of this building is based on the international standard and on the concept of comfortable education. The $40 million project included six, three-story dormitory buildings that total 165,000 square feet that accommodates 390 students. The students will be very enjoyable and comfortable to study here since it is very wide and has green environment. Each building is 27,500 square feet and is constructed of wood with hardy-board siding. The wood as the materials make the room looks so natural and friendly to the nature. There are also many green features including energy efficient lighting, rainwater retention structures, use of indigenous plant materials for low maintenance and water efficiency, geothermal well system (150 wells) for heating and cooling, construction waste management by recycling or salvage and use of low VOC emitting materials for interior construction. This makes this building so environmental and green life. The building has good electricity and security system.

Designer: Building Development, United States of America, Location: America, Information: Source
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