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Remarkable Barber Institute Concert Hall

Remarkable Barber Institute Concert Hall -1

This building is very amazing and exotic since this building mantains its old and artistic design and interiors. The Barber Institute was designed by Robert Atkinson, one of Britain’s leading architects in the 20’s and 30’s and was opened in 1939. The new design of this building is combined with new concept of modern value. This building so comfortable for education since it has educated atmosphere. From the beginning, it was envisaged that the Institute would promote the study and encouragement of art and music for the benefit of the University of Birmingham and the wider public. The art and the music are completed with good and modern sound system. The restoration work aims to permanently improve accessibility for all users and preserve the fabric and structure of the auditorium space for ongoing use as an active performance space. The auditorium and hall have wide space and representative for all activities. They are completed with good light and sound system.
Considerable care was taken to secure both the precious artworks housed at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts Gallery and the health and safety of visitors to the building since the refurbishment took place whilst the site remained open to the public. The rooms are completed with good and modern security system.

Designer: len Howells Architects, Location: Birmingham, Information: Source
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