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Nice Odontology Facility By eSTUDIO vS

Nice Odontology Facility  - Image 4

This place is located in the campus that makes the students comfortable to study in the outside. This place is designed based on the concept of Palace Park. This palace is very natural and has shadow plants around it. The project is to generate routes and areas for social gathering by ramps and stairs that fold to form railings, floors and walls contain and magnify the existing vegetation. It will enjoy to study here with your friends. You can breathe fresh air while studying. All were developed from the goals of an exposed concrete monolith that houses a pavilion for entertainment, which, through subtraction, it opens and gives shape to different furniture that responds to user improvisation. This place is completed with nice seats and the seat is very long lasting. This pace is also suitable for having a meal after having a class. Make your study more relax in this place and enjoy your time with your friends.

Nice Odontology Facility  - Image 1 Nice Odontology Facility  - Image 2 Nice Odontology Facility  - Image 3
Designer: eSTUDIO vS, Location: León, Guanajuato, México, Information: Source
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