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New Nou Camp Stadium inBarcelona

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This stadium is designed and constructed based on the concept of glorious building and sport. Seating Bowl Existing seating bowl retained with upper tier expanded to accommodate extra seating capacity. The seats of this stadium are very comfortable and representative. All the supporters can easily watch the games. Spectator circulation is Horizontal and vertical circulation for all tiers to rationalized. It will give good view for the supporters. Stadium Enclosure: Stadium to be enclosed in new mosaic enclosure composed of translucent panels in the colors of the FC Barcelona club. This stadium is completed with good roof system. Roof: New stadium roof to be added to cover seating bowl on all sides. Cable net roof structure spans across the stadium and is tensioned within compression ring above the outer edge of the seating bowl. The roof is also designed with good concept like a bowl. It make this stadium looks so beautiful and wonderful. New stadium basement will include a new service ring road and new back-of-house facilities such as goods loading bay, TV outside broadcast compound and stores. This TV will make the game more clear to see.

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Designer: Foster + Partners, Location: Barcelona, Information: Source
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