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New Design of Pedestal Wash Basin by Cielo

New Design of  Pedestal Wash Basin - side angle

This basin is designed for all kinds of kitchens and it can be multifunction. This basin has good and cute design and appearance. The color of white indicates that this basin is always clean. The water can run well through this basin. Another amazing design element is that the basin itself can be easily switched out for any other that will be part of the range – all decorated and adorned. There will be no problem on this basin when the water is running. The flowing of the water can be arranged based on the need. The water flowing can be very fast or very slow. This beautiful pedestal sink, with its smooth tapered lines as if formed by the flow of water itself. The materials of this basin will make the water contaminated and the water keeps healthy. This basin actually can be put in all rooms in the house. This basin also will not make the floor dirty or wet. It will be very easy to wash hands using this basin.

New Design of  Pedestal Wash Basin - up angle
Designer: Cielo, Information: Source
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