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Morvelous Clock Tower Kitchen by Minimal

Clock Tower Kitchen - amazing scenaary and bridge

When seeing this clock, it will be something memorable to stay in the city of New York. This clock has been icon of the city and it can interest the visitors from all over the worlds. The Clock Tower, erected in 1915 on the DUMBO waterfront, is on top of one of the largest poured concrete building in New York. This clock can be seen from all over the city. It can be wonderful picture for the tourists. In the tower there are some wide rooms and cabinets. The cabinets are finished with ten coats of white F4star environmentally certified lacquer. The rooms are complete with all facilities like lamps, interiors, furniture etc. the rooms can also be offices or business place. The counter serves simultaneously as supporting surface, food preparation table, cooking space and especially as gathering area: standing next to the island, it is possible to dominate the Manhattan vista through the glass clocks surrounding the bright room. The clock is always controlled and taken care of by the officers who work there.

Clock Tower Kitchen - interesting design Clock Tower Kitchen - livingroom design Clock Tower Kitchen - useful locker
Designer: Minimal, Location: New York, Information: Source
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