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Luxury City Center Penthouse by Mark Tracy

Luxury City Center Penthouse - sy building interior design

When living in the big country, it will need modern house and room. This room can be suitable in the city life. It has modern and luxurious design. In the middle of the centerpiece mosaic hangs a chandelier encased in a blue glass cube. The furniture of this room is very beautiful and comfortable. The color palette of light greys blues and greens is accented by 120 linear feet of RGB LED lighting. The lamps of this room are very bright in the night and day. To make it enjoyable, it is completed with wide glass windows. From the windows, it can see the views outside. The living and main party area is crowned with a one-of-a-kind mirrored ceiling made of triangular shaped mirrors each separated by ceiling beams reflecting the lighting. The floor of this room is very clean and bright. The curtain has different colors and it can make the room looks so cute. This room is very suitable for different activities like playing, talking, taking a nap, reading and others.

Luxury City Center Penthouse - bedroom design Luxury City Center Penthouse - dinning room design Luxury City Center Penthouse - living room design
Designer: Mark Tracy, Location: Las Vegas, Information: Source
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