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London Wembley Stadium Building

Wonderful Man City Stadium - image 2

This stadium has classical and artistic appearance but the concept of this building is modern. This stadium is very huge and has many seats. At almost four times the height of the original, covering twice the area, and with 90,000 seats, the new Wembley Stadium is the largest covered football stadium in the world. This building has good and interesting view around the stadium. This building has complete facilities for foot ball activities. Facilities are designed to maximise spectator enjoyment; seats are larger than the old ones, with more leg-room; the highest tiers are easily accessed via escalators; and the concourse that wraps around the building provides catering for up to 40,000 spectators at any one time. All the supporters can have good view to the games. The stadium is also has synthesis grass that is very comfortable to play foot ball in all the seasons. The stadium is designed to be ideal for football. Its geometry and steeply raked seating tiers ensure that everyone has an unobstructed view. It will be prestigious to play and watch the foot ball here.

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Designer: Wembley Stadium Building, Location: London, Information: Source
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