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Kaohsiung Port Terminal by Reiser + Umemoto in southern Taiwan, ROC

Kaohsiung Port Terminal - Up Angle

Kaohsiung Port Terminal is a wonderful building which was designed by Reiser + Umemoto, this building was designed with 3-dimensional dynamic gains derived from a unique position lateral to the site in connection with the city grid.

Kaohsiung Port Terminal - 1

Main Hall broke into three different partitions, each associated with different schedules to travel by ship, while the concourses oriented parallel to the beach to maximize the interface between water and land. By vertically separating the functions of the general public, port business, and tourists along this beach we were able to keep the various operations using highly efficient while at the same time allow for synergistic blend function for society .Circulation vertically arranged approximately zone thickening of the skin which is also building structure of the house, utilities, and ventilation. The structure is a system of nested shells, long span, consisting of a steel pipe frame that underlies the space sandwiched by cladding panels to create a cavity space which can be used.
Part important to the vitality of the Port Terminal Project is a connection to the proposed elevated public space along the water’s edge ‘. The importance of the waterfront space that is different yet connected to the city of Kaohsiung is priceless.

Kaohsiung Port Terminal - 3 Kaohsiung Port Terminal - Day Angle Kaohsiung Port Terminal - Up Angle Main level plan 2 Main level plan 1
Designer: Reiser + Umemoto, Location: southern Taiwan, ROC, Information: Source
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