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Interesting Heracleum Lighting by Bertjan Pot

Heracleum Lighting - amazing design of flower lamp

The interior can be from the lamps and it will be the best thing in the house since it can light and beatify the room. This lamp has wonderful appearance and it is like interior in the prestigious house. A decorative LED lamp is inspired by the Heracleum Plant. It seems plant in the house hanging from the ceiling. The LEDs looks like leaves of trees and the wire looks like the stem. The white leaves/lenses ramify from one branch creating a very technical, natural structure. Although the LEDs are not too big, it can light so bright in the night with wonderful view. It also looks so cute from far and near. By using the technique of coating conductive layers, the lamp is very thin and delicate. This lamp just consumes small electricity and the it can minimize the electricity cost. A design is not possible by using normal wires. It uses different wire with high quality. The LED is very heat resistant and it can be long lasting.

Heracleum Lighting - branch of lamp Heracleum Lighting - new innovation in lamp Heracleum Lighting - nice design
Designer: Bertjan Pot, Location: Dutch, Information: Source
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