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Interesting ENT Clinic Graz

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Located in the centre of the city, this hospital has strategic location and good access for all the corners of the city. From a typological point of view, the modern hospital is a cross between a hotel and a factory. This hotel is near to the mall. This hospital has amazing design and good environment. The design fulfils the highest demands in terms of service engineering and medical technology, and permits a multi-disciplinary way of working based on optimised single processes. This hospital is completed with good furniture. In the original design, the cupboards with the surgical instruments situated between operating theatre and access corridor should also have been glazed on both sides; what is left of the design now is a skylight strip, thanks to which there is at least a hint of the existence of the outside world, even in the operating theatres. This hospital has complete facilities to take care of the patients. The new antiseptic techniques were achieving similar success rates to those of the pavilion system, but in compact and so commercially more economical facilities. This hospital is built based on the concept of health in all the space.

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Designer: Giselbrecht + Partner, Europe, Location: Europe, Information: Source
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