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Interesting Crimean Pinecone Lamp Contempory by Pavel Eekra

Crimean Pinecone Lamp - wonderful lamp design

When glancing at this lamp for few seconds, it looks like dragon fruit. This lamp is designed with the idea of artistic and interior view. This lamp has two functions; it is for interior and for brightening the room for the darkness. The lamp consists of 56 plates and screws, without an internal skeleton due to rounding forms plaques form gaps through which light passes. The color of the cover is based on its natural material color. This lamp is hanging lamp and it is hung on the ceiling. Boards themselves are also slightly transparent, this creates a particular pattern of light from the outside and downward bright light. The cover of the lamp can create beautiful shadow in the night. It is also heat resistant and this lamp is not too heavy. This lamp needs few electrical power but it can light so bright. This lamp is suitable for living room and bed room. It will very beautiful when seeing this lamp in the living room.

Crimean Pinecone Lamp - fascinating lamp Crimean Pinecone Lamp - interior of lamp Crimean Pinecone Lamp - off lamp
Designer: Pavel Eekra, Location: Russia, Information: Source
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