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Hayven Design From New York USA

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The team has been gathered by Tri Nguyen who has a background in Architecture and Chemical Engineering. The conception of the design proposal emerged from a simple organic material having a strong association and history with the winter season. Hay is commonly used both as feedstock and as a natural insulation in barns/stables where it is stored and increasingly more commonly specified on the innovative side of modern architecture. The warming hut’s basic building unit, the hay bale, is quite versatile since the advancement of recent balers to which blocks of different shapes, sizes, and densities can be produced. With the wide availability of the renewable resource and its low cost, the team made the conclusion that the vernacular material will allow a large iconic structure to be erected. With the aids of pins, wiring and netting, the proposal’s structural soundness can be easily achieved to function as a load bearing facility which can resist high-wind loads.

Hayven Design From New York USA  - Image 2
Designer: Tri Nguyen, Jayne Chu, Ben Olschner, Jakob Seyboth, Information: Source
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