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GT4 Green Roof Substrate Design

GT4 Green Roof Substrate Design - up view

The roof is the important for building the house. Without the roof the house can be used or lived. The roof will hold the water, snow or heat solar from the sky. When the roof is natural, the house will be more comfortable to live. The green roof now becomes popular since it will minimize the pollution or glasshouse/global warming. The substrate is blended to produce a high performance extensive green roof growing medium. With this thing, the roof will be very natural, it can be planted with some plants, like grass or flower. This thing can be suitable for the roof that will be designed with the concept of green house. It is light in texture and has good water holding capacity meaning it is an ideal substrate for use in green roof construction. The quality of the roof will be number one in the world. It can hold any water or snow. The roof will make the room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It can make the house more comfortable in the day and night in all season.

GT4 Green Roof Substrate Design - natural roof
Designer: Green-tech, Location: uk, Information: Source
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