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Funny Frigg Lamps Design by Tuyo Design Studio

Funny  Frigg Lamps Design - fascinating hanging lamp

When having the lamps with the appearance of interiors, it will be very proud, like this kind of lamps that have wonderful appearance. The lamp is based on the concept of artistic and natural so that it is from wood. The wooden surface gives an elegant piece during daylight and a comforting glow when lit. the color of the cover is white but this lamp has different color based on the led. The combined materials work together to create an organic yet geometric shape from a single 2d processed piece. These lamps on the picture are hanging lamps that must be put on the roof. It can also be configured in several sizes giving it the versatility to convert it to a standing lamp, table lamp or wall mounted lamp. This lamp is suitable for the living room or bedroom but it is also suitable for all the rooms. This lamp is very bright but it does not disturb the eyes when it is lighting. This lamp is absolutely wonderful and interesting to see.

Funny  Frigg Lamps Design - interesting design lam Funny  Frigg Lamps Design - wonderful lamp
Designer: Tuyo Design Studio, Location: Norway, Information: Source
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