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Exciting Ambar Light Design

Exciting Ambar Light Design  - unique design

The dark of night will change into to be very bright with this lamp. This lamp has very bright light and it is enough to light the dark in the whole room. This lamp is designed with high modern and high technology. This lamp can be said very modern and futuristic. Lighting is concentrated in order to highlight the models and graphics and glare is controlled by using a honeycomb accessory. Although this lamp is very bright, it can minimize the electricity consumption using its modern system. This lamp is suspended from a fine cable, it appears to hover in the air, and directs the rays of light that are precisely focused on the objects. This lamp can be adjusted into any direction so that it is very movable in direction. This lamp can be put in many places, like living room, bedroom, bathroom and other rooms. The appearance of this lamp is very interesting and modern. It will be good interior in the house. The quality of this lamp is the best; it can be used for long time without loosing its quality.

Exciting Ambar Light Design  - hanging lamp Exciting Ambar Light Design  - paper design
Designer: Rogers Stirk Harbour, Location: Barcelon, Information: Source
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