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Excaiting Underwater Design by Giancarlo Zema

Excaiting Underwater Design  - Rock chair design

This room looks so beautiful and colorful since this room is designed based on the concept of underwater. It also has colorful lamps to create colorful view in the days and nights. Underwater Design is the attractive exhibition promoted by Puntoluce, renowned as a reference point for good lighting. All of the interiors are made like the things which can be found in underwater. The furniture is also created with the design of underwater things. An extraordinary opportunity to introduce the public preview of the last creation in, the new floor lamp named “Octopus” of the architect from Rome always attracted by the sea world. The floor is also put some things like water snails or shells. The color of the wall is matched with the design of every space of wall but the color of the floor is black to create real life of underwater. Some interiors are created based on the concept of underwater plants. This room is very prestigious and looks so natural and it si good for personal meeting.

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Designer: Giancarlo Zema, Information: Source
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