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Elegant Zenkaya Prefab Lodges

Amazing Design of Zenkaya Prefab Lodges - front view

Living in the wild and natural environment should need special house. The house is the main protection from all dangerous things. This house is designed based on the natural and cultural life. it is suitable for inland or rural area that is far from the city. These Zenkaya lodges are cool, but are small. Anyway Zenkaya is a fusion of modern technology and practicality. With high technology, this house is built in the far inland. This house has simple shape but it has many purposes. Although this house is simple, this house is useful for living in the rural area. The units are delivered – complete with fully-fitted interiors – on the back of a truck and come in a range of configurations including a 3.4×6m studio model, a 3.4×15.6m one-bedroom version and an 18m-long two-bed model. This house is also completed with kitchen to make food and drink. In the night, this house is still bright since there are some lamps. The wide glass windows can be used for watching the view outside.

Amazing Design of Zenkaya Prefab Lodges - sidde view
Designer: ZenKaya, Information: Source
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