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Elegant Carbon Fiber Bathtub

Elegant Carbon Fiber Bathtub - nice tube

Bathing is the important thing in the human life since it will waste the bacteria and make the body fresh. The bathing can be something annoyed when there is no good bathtub. This bathtub is the special place for taking a bath. It is design with modern concept. This tub can hold much water and it is very wide for all people. Its appearance is unique, with black stripes that contribute to an original aerodynamic shape. The design also captures artificial light, reflecting it in a sophisticated manner. The design of this tub combines the strength and uniqueness. The black color makes this tub uneasy to be dirty. This tub is very strong since it uses carbon fiber as the main material. This bath tub is suitable for all kinds of bathrooms. the carbon fiber tub is part of a limited edition called ‘No 1′ and belonging to the company mentioned above. The quality of this tub is number one in the world. It has high quality and it can be used for long lasting.

Elegant Carbon Fiber Bathtub - circle shape Elegant Carbon Fiber Bathtub - nice design Elegant Carbon Fiber Bathtub - oval design
Designer: Corcel, Information: Source
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