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Comfortable Foliage Sofa by Patricia Urquiola

Comfortable Foliage Sofa  - front view

Inspired from the leaves form, this sofa is designed with bright color and nice cover. The leaves are the main motif of this sofa and it gives different impact on the appearance. The legs of the sofa are designed like the branch of the trees. The leaves form a crown resting on a framework of branches which virtually form a seat. The color of red make it looks like rose flower. This sofa has comfortable back sofa. Foliage is a sofa with great personality featuring a seat with top-stitched embroidery on four round legs. the legs are created with tough materials and they are painted with white paint. the legs of this sofa are four with a branch in every leg. The top-stitching runs over the entire surface and on the back too making the sofa a standalone piece that can be placed even in the centre of a room and seen from all sides. The feeling when sitting on this sofa is soft, comfortable and enjoyable. It is very suitable for resting the body from all tiring activities.

Comfortable Foliage Sofa  - back sofa angle
Designer: Patricia Urquiola, Information: Source
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