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Beautiful Recident in Mooikloof

Minimaliz House in Madrid  - beautiful yard

Creating a house like a palace is something incredible like this one. This house is very wide and has complete facilities. This house is also two floors and it has wide rooms. The design is also include the idea of modern life. The outcome was a design where form meets function. Enhancing the structure is the incorporation of sun-orientation, circulation, open-plan living areas, view orientation and privacy. This house has wonderful appearance and it has good looking interiors and exteriors. It has wide living room in the first floor and the fa├žade is very wide. The dining area is placed on a platform to enhance the views towards the garden. The kitchen is more private while at the same time not entirely enclosed (it is open-plan, leading to the indoor pool area). This house is completed with green and wide yard and it also has colorful flowers. From the second floor, it can see the view outside and can enjoy the fresh air. This house is very suitable for rich people or noblemen.

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Designer: Nico van der Meulen Architects, Location: Pretoria, South Africa., Information: Source
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