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Beautiful Old Barn Turned into Fantastic Living Space

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This house is designed based on the concept of natural and transformation to get the real natural house and to get fantastic space from old barn. Each space was developed around a minimal palette of materials and color, with extensive re-use of existing barn materials. It make this house looks so natural and beautiful to see. The space in the house is very comfortable and wide. The materials of this house are also natural but strong and water and heat resistant. This house is also completed with good roof that can hold ice from the sky. Some of these materials included the re-use of the original barn siding for interior paneling, re-milling of salvaged floor joists for stair material, trim and countertops. The floor is very cool in the hot weather and it is warm in the cold season. In a very real way, the barn was turned outside in and then wrapped in a new cedar board and batten skin that would weather and show its age well. The color of this house looks so natural since it is pure color from the natural color.

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