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Beautiful area at Bluff Farm House

Bluff Farm House - bedroom

This house is designed for area of farm since it needs special house that cost cheap but the quality is good. In the tradition of isolated rural buildings, the house is conceived as a singular gesture responding to the strength of the site: a grassy terrace overlooking a meandering river facing north up a spectacular valley, next to an old eucalypt. This house can collaborate with natural environment. The house has wide space that can be used for farming facilities. The sleeping areas are contained within encasing precast concrete walls. The house has also natural materials that are friendly to the nature. The lightweight steel framed roof shelters a generous living space opening to the terrace and view. The roof of this building is very strong that can hold rain and snow. A palette of raw materials; concrete, galvanised steel, sandstone, recycled timber and plywood add texture and warmth to the interior. This house has wide granary to keep the crops when it is harvest time.

Blue Rock House - side Blue Rock House - terrace Bluff Farm House - dinning room Bluff Farm House - image 2 Bluff Farm House - image 3 Bluff Farm House - image 4 Bluff Farm House - kitchen Bluff Farm House - living room
Designer: Richard Cole Architecture, Location: Australian, Information: Source
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