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Attractive Anima Chair by Blubau

Attractive Anima Chair by Blubau - side

This chair is really fantastic since it is designed with the futuristic design and it uses current materials. This chair is not created with wood as the material. The material of this chair makes it shinning especially when getting the light from sun and lamplight. Anima was bud from observation, from the special link created between a man and a chair, between a soul-body and a furniture-body. This chair can be used for many purposes like having dinner or having meeting. This chair also has different legs but the legs are connected each other and make the chair stronger. Following a line of contact points between the body and the chair, the sensation is of an infinite and fluid line. Anima is made of 3 mm of stainless steel plate in self production. Since this chair is made of steel, it can be used for long lasting. The backrest of this chair is also suitable for all ages and it is very comfortable to lean the body on it. This chair is suitable to put in the living room to welcome the guests.

Attractive Anima Chair by Blubau - back view Attractive Anima Chair by Blubau - making chair
Designer: Blubau, Information: Source
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