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Artistic Lamps Design by Bizzotto

Artistic  Lamps Design by Bizzotto - sit design

The lamps in the house are the important things that should be had. When there is no lamp in the house, the life in the night will dark and scary. The lamp in the house can be wonderful and interesting thing when its design is artistic like this one in the picture. These surprising, human-like, life size lamps by Bizzotto can be described as an artistic statement or a bold design choice, as it seems they may have been inspired by the surrealist art movement. This lamp looks like a girl posing in the room. This lamp can also be interior in the house. Unusually decorative, these are unique standing lamps best suited to make a dramatic presence in a minimal modern interior. This lamp is standing and it has bright light in the night and day. This lamp can be put in the table or in the floor. One lamp displays a life size man casually sitting on two stacked suitcases as though he is patiently in transit. The other is in the shape of a woman who seems to exude a certain confidence. This lamp can minimize the electricity and it is very economical in electricity consumption.

Artistic  Lamps Design by Bizzotto - standing design
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