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Andalsnes, Norway Competetion Aworded by JAJA

Beautiful Harbor Park

JAJA Architects received a shared first prize in the idea competition for the development of Åndalsnes in Norway. The project was credited for its great contextual integrity while being able to unfold the small town’s inherent potentials. And this is not the first time that JAJA operates and positions themselves in the top in Norway.
Project Description: The Landscape Loop is a project that emphasizes, improves and connects the inherent qualities of Åndalsnes to one unified entity. It is a project that gathers the city’s development within a belt that wraps around the town core – creating a series of “blue” and “green” urban spaces while establishing natural connections between city and landscape. Åndalsnes is a small town with 3,000 inhabitants. Today, the town has a considerable facade towards the water but it is used only sporadically by private or ramshackle buildings. The nature is the Åndalsnes’s greatest asset but despite of this it appears absent in the urban scenery.

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Designer: JAJA, Location: Norway, Information: Source
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