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Amplified Music Hall Grenoble

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This building is very musical with the design of musical concept. This building has a concept of artistic and modern music. Electronic music is a new subject for architecture. The building is also full of light that has many colors. For the Grenoble project, the aim was to invent a specific architectural system for a new type of spectacle and relationship with the public, whilst allowing concerts with a more traditional configuration. This building is very representative for all music activities and music show. This building is located in the center of the city and easy to reach. The site is a former industrial district, now being converted. It can be reached easily using public transportation and it has wide parking lot. This building is completed with wide and representative hall. The hall will be built next to the Magasin, the Grenoble Centre for Contemporary Art, installed in a hall built by the Eiffel workshops at the end of the 19th century. The hall is completed with good sound system and colorful lights.

Amplified Music Hall Grenoble - 2 Amplified Music Hall Grenoble - 3
Designer: Hérault Arnod Architectes, Information: Source
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