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Amazing Opera House By Zaha Hadid

Amazing Opera House  By  Zaha Hadid - Image 3

This opera house has wonderful design from the architects.. this building is created based on the concept of free space and luxury. This building is very large that is enough for many people who will watch the show. The 70,000 sqm project consists of two solid geometric forms wrapped with a structural exoskeleton.  The two components, with their similar form, color and shared structural expression, create a strong artistic expression to house the cultural center. This building also has concept of green and natural. This building is full of grass that makes this building friendly to the nature. This building is also complete with good lamp systems that make this building bright all the time. This building also has modern security system. For the main auditorium,  Hadid’s concept has manifested itself in the form of fluid ribbons that wrap the main stage. The auditorium is also very wide and luxurious. Hadid’s angular exterior intentions are carried through the interiors, shaping dynamic gathering spaces and interstitial spaces.  For all, this building is very amazing and interesting to visit.

Amazing Opera House  By  Zaha Hadid - Image 1 Amazing Opera House  By  Zaha Hadid - Image 2
Designer: Zaha Hadid, Information: Source
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