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Amazing Lopez Island Residence

Amazing Lopez Island Residence - image 1

When living in the island, it needs special house that is suitable to the island situation. Inspired from small houses in the island, this house is design with concept of modern island house. This house also has artistic and cultural concept that can be seen from the appearance inside and outside. It is very suitable for living far from city center. The house is carefully sited amidst the existing trees and the existing land form which slopes up to the bank and view. It has many wide glass windows that can be used to see view from inside. A part of the house has two floors but bedrooms are in the first floor. The house forms are simple, derived from the site relationships and the desire to maximize daylight. It has good air circulation and the windows can let the solar enter the house in the day. The materials are honest and enlivening – hard vs. soft, warm vs. cool. Most of the materials are from wood that has high quality and can be long lasting. It will be wonderful to have this house in the island.

Amazing Lopez Island Residence - image 2 Amazing Lopez Island Residence - image 3 Amazing Lopez Island Residence - image 4
Designer: David Vandervort Architects, Location: Washington State, Information: Source
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