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Amazing Green Islands by Jean Marie Massaud for OFFECCT

Amazing Green Islands - All Plant

This is time to be green in order to make healthy world. French designer Jean-Marie Massaud has created the Green Islands ottomans for OFFECCT. The concept is to make the land green with trees and grass. When the land is green the gas emission will decrease. The atmosphere will be fresh and healthy to live. The island is planted with some easy growing trees and green and fertile grass. The island will be ready to live the animals and it is good to make village house or resort there. The island will be more life and it is good to make animal reservation. The island will be completed with multifunction port. The beach will be planted mangrove trees and some coconut trees. The island will be a natural tourism place with some facilities that are friendly to the nature. The island will be released some kind animals like bird, turtle, monkeys and others. It will be green place for people and animal.

Amazing Green Islands - Plant Amazing Green Islands - Plant 2
Designer: Jean Marie, Information: Source
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