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Amazing GFC Coswig DESIGN

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With great appearance and amazing design, this building is very modern that is suitable for business and production activities. This building has wide and comfortable space. GFC Antriebs systeme GmbH, Transfiguration and new construction of a production hall with service and social tract, Coswig near Dresden, 2009. This building is completed with good electricity system and multifunction facilities. This building is located in the center of the city; it has strategic place and good environment. The existing building of the former GDR is surrounded on all sides with a facade of stainless steel shingles and translucent materials. The facade is completed with artistic and wonderful exteriors. The exteriors make this building beautiful to see. The support structure of the office block slanting in two directions and the facade along the railway line Dresden-Berlin creates a motion impelling model. From the outside this building is very big and wide form the inside this building is very amazing and comfortable. This building is completed with good electricity system and security system.

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Designer: wurm + wurm, Location: Germany, Information: Source
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