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Amazing BMW Welt

BMW Welt MŸnchen

This building looks so modern and glorious from far and near. BMW is setting a new milestone in Munich, at the same time creating a venue for dialogue and unforgettable moments. This building is located in the center of the city and has strategic place for all activities. As a building and an institution, the BMW Welt is a significant interface between the Company, the brand, the products, and the surrounding world. This building is completed with best facilities for all activities that make this building productive for its business.
Through its progressive architecture, the BMW Welt is truly a new milestone in Munich. The absolute highlight, of course, is the individualised, highly personal delivery of cars to their new owners. This building is completed with good electricity system and colorful lightings to make this building so amazing. Apart from the exclusive presentation of all car lines and motorcycles, multi-media shows and exhibits offer a clear insight into BMW research, development, design, and production, providing the opportunity to ex¬perience the BMW brand and the Company from virtually every perspective. It can be said that this building is very representative for all business activities.

BMW Welt MŸnchen BMW Welt MŸnchen BMW Welt MŸnchen BMW Welt MŸnchen BMW Welt MŸnchen
Designer: Coop Himmelb(l)au, Location: Germany, Information: Source
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