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A Cowboy’s Dream

A Cowboys Dream - 1

The eight-suite Bed & Breakfast Hotel opened just three months ago, in a small town 90 miles north of Las Vegas. The town attracts visitors with in an interest in wildlife due to its proximity to the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge. This B&B Hotel in the Wild West is a tribute to the deceased Mr. Charlie Frias, the beloved husband of Mrs. Phyllis Frias. It seemed only natural that it be brought about by the fulfillment a dream they’d shared together, to create a destination rooted deep in the spirit of family and tradition. Ginger Tharp, Project Design Specialist/Innkeeper designed the exterior and the interior of the house, while minding even the slightest detail and with the assistance of Kuro Interactive Design Agency, who took care of all the graphic, interactive and typography design, created a picturesque setting for anyone who is seeking an extraordinary experience in any one of the eight one-off and unique suites while creating a memorable escape from their everyday lives.

A Cowboys Dream - 2

With a background as a furniture broker and in design, Tharp managed to design a well thought of nearly 19,000 square foot B&B Hotel which is a two story wood framed structure, and the bunk house is a single story structure both supported on spread footing foundations with slab on grade floors. Tharp completed all interiors, the furniture, and the interior wall finishes which are unique and special in each and every room with her team from South Carolina. The overall design aura of the hotel gives off a very ranch like style, yet it has a feeling of chic European Chalet Hotels right in the Nevada desert of the Wild West.

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Designer: Ginger Tharp and Kuro Interactive Design Agency, Location: Alamo, Nevada, USA, Information: Source
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